7 Study Habits Of Successful Students

Why do some students seem to effortlessly perform well in studies while others find it difficult to score good marks even after working hard? The answer lies in the difference between study habits.

Here are 7 study habits of successful students that can increase productivity and boost exam results:

1. Successful students work to a study plan
Whether preparing for exams or tackling an assignment, it’s important to first make a study plan. A good study plan helps reduce stress and improves effectiveness by allocating study time to create a consistent, daily study routine.

2. Successful students avoid multitasking while studying
It’s important to keep things simple by not dividing attention while studying as it will hinder concentration and ultimately do more harm than good. This means avoiding distractions like texting, listening to music, or watching television while studying.

3. Successful students don’t cram for exams
In a recent study, UCLA researchers found that cramming for exams is counterproductive as it usually involves sacrificing sleep. Successful students break the entire syllabus into manageable parts and take scheduled breaks between each session to let the brain fully digest what they’ve learned, returning to the subject repeatedly.

4. Successful students get adequate sleep
Ensuring adequate sleep boosts memory and enhances focus. Teenagers need at least 8 – 10 hours of sleep a night, younger ones even more than that. Lack of sleep affects concentration, undermines recall, and decreases the retention of information.

5. Successful students take regular study notes
The act of writing things down aids with the retention of information and improves recall of that information. Taking study notes also boosts productivity as it allows for quick and easy revision of the subject matter.


6. Successful students have an organised study space
A good study space should be organised and clean with a good light source. Use a study table and chair with everything within easy reach to minimise distractions and boost concentration and productively. A simple filing system is often overlooked, especially by new students, but it can save a lot of time.

7. Successful students study in a group
Participating in a study group quickly enables comprehension by allowing students to ask questions and answer questions of other members of the group. Students in study groups can generally learn faster by simply asking a question, instead of spending valuable time puzzling over the difficulty alone.

The difference in study habits is one of the main reasons why some students struggle to perform well even after studying hard while others score great marks. Success in school comes down to the application of good study habits, no matter how hard you study.

Happy studying!

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