Master Afrikaans and reap the rewards

Your child just cannot see the sense in why they need to know any other language except their home language.

Help with Afrikaans

Unless your child learns another language, they will never understand the value. Don’t let them miss out on the opportunity of making that second language Afrikaans. With a bit of extra help our tutors will help them overcome their weaknesses.

  • Master the language and reap the rewards for the rest of life! Whether it be in business, or socially, or just to be able to talk about sweets in front of their children without them overhearing . .
  • Your Afrikaans tutor will assess your child and assist where necessary, help build their vocabulary, encourage them to read more Afrikaans books to increase confidence and exposure. Your Afrikaans tutor will assist with past paper exam questions to ensure maximum preparation before the exam.
  • We recommend starting lessons as early as possible before the exams to prevent extra stress during exam time and to maximize your tuition benefits.
  • Book your tutor today!