5 Simple Ways To Teach Children About Responsibility


Encouraging responsibility in children has many benefits including helping them to become conscientious, competent, and reliable young adults. The old adage, “Do as I say, not as I do” bears out the truth that children pick up our values from listening to us and watching us every day. You could say they learn more from what we do than from what we say.

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Cellphones: A Positive Addition To The Classroom Perhaps?

Cellphones are a big part of our lives and have without a doubt become increasingly common among children. One of the most debated questions is whether cellphones should be allowed in the classroom. While valid reasons as to why cellphones do not belong in the classroom immediately come to mind (for example the disruption they can be), cellphones can actually fulfill a variety of useful functions…

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Secrets of the Successful

I heard an interesting story the other day which incorporates the essence of what I wanted to achieve through writing this blog.

A Tale of two trees

The story was shared by Randall L. Ridd in an address where he spoke about the compounding effects of positive or negative decisions we make on a daily basis. He explains that just as our teeth don’t all decay and fall out the first time you forget to brush, most of the consequences of the choices we make, positive and negative, will come later, over time. But they will come. To demonstrate this idea he shared the following story of a life experience that he had:
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5 Ways Parents Can Encourage Their Child’s Learning

1. Make reading exciting

Be your child’s number one fan

Children begin learning to read, not by learning the letters, then learning words, and so on, but by experiencing reading. As toddlers, children see their moms and dads reading, or may even have stories read to them. They associate text with something that is about to be exciting. Keep it that way! Start by reading to your children at a young age and buy them books that you know will interest them. As children read, they build their vocabulary, learn about sentence structure, increase their reading speed and improve their imaginations. This in turn will result in them excelling in all of their subjects.
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