Choosing Extramural Activities For Your Child

Extramural activity is an activity that your child does over and above their schooling. Usually completed after school, the activity generally takes the form of a sport or a cultural activity like music, singing or dancing. Extramural activities provide a fun, stress-free environment for children of all ages to get some exercise and make friends outside of school.

The benefits
Extramural activity for children is about more than just finding something for them to do after school. Participation in extramural activities helps children build social skills, boosts self-esteem, aids in the development of self-identity, and promotes overall mental well-being.

Research shows that learners who participate in extramural activities do better with academic results, have stronger relationships and are more likely to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Include your child in the process
As no two children are the same, it’s important to consider the child’s interests first. Parents may need to go through a period of experimentation until the child’s interests and strengths can be established. Encouraging your child to make these decisions helps them to take ownership and to discover things through trial and error.


Getting the balance right
Regardless of age, today’s children are under enormous pressure to perform and to live up to their parent’s and teacher’s expectations. Students need time to study, relax with peers and join in with family time. Younger children need time to play.

Unless a healthy balance is struck, after school activities will take precedence over precious family time, potentially doing more harm than good. Ideally, most children should get involved in at least one school sport and one cultural activity to provide stimulation and help them achieve a balanced routine.

Sports activities
Sports are the most beneficial of activities a child can partake in. Apart from the physical benefits of doing sport, ball sports such as netball, hockey and tennis improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Sport is a natural stress reliever and helps increase focus.

Cultural activities
Cultural activities such as art, music and dance help children broaden the ways in which they can express themselves. Arts and crafts provide children with the opportunity to think differently and to innovate. Solving problems promotes creativity and helps children become more resourceful and versatile.

Extramural activities are an opportunity for your child to learn something new and to have some fun. The benefits derived extend to all spheres of endeavour and better equip children to face the challenges of life.

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