Master reading and comprehension

‘To be or not to be, that is the question,’ if only Shakespeare was referring to your child wanting to be a master of the English language or not.

Help with English

We are all required to do English and many children struggle to grasp the idea of how to write creatively, or to decipher the literature they are presented with, or to remember the difference between a simile and metaphor.

  • Your English tutor will assess your child and assist where ever the problem is.
  • In many cases students struggle with the basics such as reading and comprehension which will cripple them in every other area of English. With assistance, these weaknesses can be worked on and assist in strengthening other areas of the English syllabus.
  • We recommend starting lessons as early as possible before the exams to prevent extra stress during exam time and to maximize your tuition benefits.
  • Book your tutor today!

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