Homework Assist

Homework assist tutors can help with homework for all primary school subjects

It doesn’t matter if you child is in grade 1 or grade 7, they just seem to get an endless amount of homework.

Help with Homework

You just get today’s list done, and before you know it, it’s already the next day with even more. With today’s fast paced lifestyle you might feel that you are spending too much of your ‘quality time’ with your children on homework, rather than other things that you feel are more important to build a better bond.

  • Your precious time with your child can be better utilized in other activities that create happy memories and smiles all round, while a tutor assists your child with the nitty gritty homework.
  • Assistance with all primary school subjects is provided by homework assist tutors. They are ‘general specialists’ and focus on developing good study skills to build the foundation to be able to succeed in any subject.
  • Primary school lays the foundation to develop the skills to cope with high school and beyond, and your tutor will help to develop those important skills.
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