The earlier we address problems, the more likely we can achieve long term success.

Maths is fun!
Or it could be if your child had a little extra help.

Help with Maths

Many students have created mental blocks around this subject due to technicalities around the syllabus that could stunt their Mathematics growth for the rest of their lives.

This may result due to missed foundational concepts, previous conflicts with teachers or bad marks that have created negative self-perceptions. The earlier we address these blocks the more likely we can achieve long term success.

  • Your Maths tutor will assess your child and assist whether it be helping to catch up on missed work, helping bridge the gap due to missed foundational principles, assisting with study and exam skills or exam preparation.
  • Our emphasis is on the use of past papers to practically prepare the student for their school’s requirements.
  • We recommend starting lessons as early as possible before the exam to prevent extra stress during exam time and to maximize your tuition benefits.
  • Book your tutor today!

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