Science is nothing to be scared of!

Your budding scientist got stuck with ‘that teacher’ this year and has given up entirely?

Help with Science

Perhaps your child is uncertain about what career to choose and, because they are fearful of taking Science, they threaten to drop it along with a chance to be successful in Medicine, Engineering or the Sciences?

Don’t let that happen! Science is nothing to be scared of! With a tutor guiding your child step by step they absolutely CAN do it and open all the doors they need to be successful out of school.

  • Your Science tutor will assess your child and assist with whatever the problem is. In many instances this may be due to missed foundational principles. In other cases it is poor study and exam techniques. With the majority it comes down to being caught by every exam trick that the teachers like to throw their way.
  • By focusing on practicing with past papers, we ensure that your child will be prepared for any curve ball thrown their way in the exam.
  • We recommend starting lessons as early as possible before the exam to prevent extra stress during exam time and to maximize your tuition benefits.
  • Book your tutor today!

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