Secrets of the Successful

I heard an interesting story the other day which incorporates the essence of what I wanted to achieve through writing this blog.

A Tale of two trees

The story was shared by Randall L. Ridd in an address where he spoke about the compounding effects of positive or negative decisions we make on a daily basis. He explains that just as our teeth don’t all decay and fall out the first time you forget to brush, most of the consequences of the choices we make, positive and negative, will come later, over time. But they will come. To demonstrate this idea he shared the following story of a life experience that he had:

“Years ago I planted two trees of the same species and the same height in my back yard. I planted one where it got a little sun daily, and I planted the other where it enjoyed full sunlight. Over the next year I didn’t notice much difference in the growth of the two trees, but then my wife and I [went abroad for 3 years]. When we returned, I was shocked at the big difference! The compounding effect of a little more sun each day made a huge difference—over time—in the growth of the trees. The same thing happens in our lives… We may not notice an immediate change, but be assured that a change is happening inside you, and the results will be apparent in time.

This simple idea of the compounding effect of daily disciplines, with purpose and real intent, can make a big difference in all areas of your life. It can mean the difference between struggling through an ordinary life or being immensely successful”

As I read this story I couldn’t help but think of the different people I’ve met through my life. The successful ones who chose a bit more often than the others to put down the phone or PlayStation remote and pick up a book, or who stayed in one night instead of seeing friends to finish the mountain of homework, or any other small, good decision. These small daily decisions while in the short run made very little impact, in the long run led them to be leaders in their peer group.

It is this concept of little daily changes we can make, that lead to huge successes, that I wish to explore in this blog. Those bits and pieces that add just that bit of extra light to your tree of knowledge in whatever phase of life you may be, that will lead you to be an Exceller.

In the comments below share what little bits of light you think make a difference…?

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